Support, Volunteer, Donate


  • Facebook Members – become Fans of FAR and/or Members of the FAR Cause then invite your friends to join.
  • Add your name to our mailing list by sending us an email by clicking here
  • Tell your friends and relatives about FAR and encourage them to add their name to the mailing list.
  • Do you know someone – or are you – a celebrity, in the media, or a person in a power position who can spread the word about FAR. If so, please contact us to work together.
  • Do you belong to an organization that makes donations? Ask them to include FAR in their giving.


  • Become a volunteer in your community – Place brochures and donation boxes in your community such as in libraries. FAR will send you brochures and a donation box and mentor you if you want.
  • Hold an event (FAR can help with these)
      • Have a table or booth at a street Festival.
      • Hold a raffle.
      • Many businesses (especially restaurants) will give a percentage of a day’s intake to a charity. Sign them up!
      • Hold a sports competition with proceeds going to FAR.
      • Have a luncheon and card party (one of the most successful FAR events).
  • Do a Flash Dance (FAR can provide help)
  • Donate via the button, the Facebook Cause, or by mail.
  • Designate eBay sales to go to FAR.
  • Have a home sales party. Many companies such as Pampered Chef, Flower Power and Dove Chocolates will donate a portion to Charity.
  • Have a musical or dramatic performance in your area to benefit FAR.
  • Ask your employer to donate to FAR.


  • Donate by mail to FAR, PO Box 54, Middlebury, VT 05753
  • Donate online using the link on this page.
  • Allocate eBay sales to FAR.
  • Give a Memorial Gift.
  • Include FAR in memorial gift suggestions.
  • Fill out employee matching gift forms.
  • Make FAR donations part of your financial plans.

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