Golf Outing – June 8th, 2019

The 3rd Annual Eric G Madden FAR Golf Outing on June 8th 2019 supports the mission of the Foundation for Alcoholism Research (FAR): to raise and distribute funds to support research into the causes, identification, prevention, treatment, and cure of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in memory of our son, brother, best friend, colleague, and teammate, Eric G Madden. Eric lost his life to AUD 3 years ago and with that we all lost a most beloved young man with vast potential. AUD is a cunning disease – so prevalent yet largely hidden from view in our society. We want to invite you to come out and play golf, another sport Eric loved so well, share your memories and make new ones, have fun in the spring sun, and help raise awareness and funds to combat AUD! The Foundation for Alcoholism Research (FAR) is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE…

Kathleen Madden New FAR President

Melanie, Brianne, Kathleen, Caitlin

MIDDLEBURY, VT – Effective November 8, 2016, Kathleen Madden is the new President of the Foundation for Alcoholism Research, Inc. (FAR). Kathleen, a Special Education and English teacher at Taft High School in Chicago, IL, brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to her role.

After a year-and-a-half nationwide search for new management, FAR had not found a new home and was ready to close its doors. Although FAR was growing on-line throughout the country, current management was unable to continue for a variety of reasons including aging and job and family responsibilities. In July a final letter was sent to supporters for anyone to step forward. Kathleen and her three daughters volunteered and, after many discussions, will be taking over the operation of FAR.

Kathleen and her husband Mark lost their son Eric to alcohol last March just short of his 31st birthday. Kathleen and her family including Eric sought help in many in-patient and out-patient facilities for years and had done much reading and research on their own to no avail. Their devastation defies words.

The Madden daughters, Brianne, Melanie, and Caitlin bring expert skills to maintaining and growing FAR. Brianne, in her third year of law school at Washington University has a degree in psychology; Melanie with a math and secondary education degree, is finishing her Masters in Leadership and Curriculum and is a teacher in the St. Louis, MO public schools; and Caitlin is a senior at the University of Wisconsin in Social Justice. This family has not only the skills but most importantly, the heart to bring to find better solutions for this, 3rd most prevalent disease in the US.

Peg Calder, founder and out-going president of FAR feels that the organization is in good hands “I am thrilled and comforted with the changes. This family is as passionate about the need for better answers as I have been, they are in a major metropolitan area, and they are open and willing to talk about Eric. They can grow FAR and extend research. It couldn’t be better. I thank them for their commitment.”

Kathleen expresses her thoughts: “My family and I feel incredibly grateful that we found FAR in the midst of our darkest moments of grief and despair after losing Eric to the cunning disease of alcoholism. In attempting to come to terms with the greatest tragedy our family has ever suffered and with much collective soul-searching: amongst ourselves, our extended family, numerous friends and colleagues, and the marvelous Peg Calder, instead of despair, we are choosing to channel our sorrow into productive work to help others. FAR’s mission is our mission as well: to inspire, encourage and fund research into understanding this disease and finding ways to prevent, treat, and enact cures. I am devastatingly sad to know that nothing more can be done to help my son, but we are committed to honoring his memory by taking on the leadership of this amazing foundation and carrying on its excellent work.”

Peg will remain as a member of the Board of Directors and as Treasurer. Alex Bertoni, Christine Fraoli, and James McMillan will also continue on the Board. Kathleen and Brianne Madden have also been voted onto the Board as President and Recording Secretary respectively.

FAR’s current status shows that online donations dramatically increased after the release of FAR’s transformational, new website last year. Also, the previous research grant to study baclofen for reduced craving had been stalled for several technical reasons last year but is now back on track, and FAR is discussing the next grant for a possible breakthrough in diagnosis.

About the Foundation for Alcoholism Research
The Foundation for Alcoholism Research is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2008 to raise and distribute funds to perform research in the following areas: Causes, Identification, Detection, Prevention, Treatment, Control, and Cure of/for Alcoholism.
FAR has awarded three research grants.
Tax-exempt donations can be sent to the following address:
PO Box 31135
Chicago, IL 60631


Our Mission

To raise and distribute funds to perform research in the following areas: causes, identification, detection, prevention, treatment, and cure of/for Alcoholism. It is not to provide funds for rehabilitation, detoxification, counseling, or any personal aid to people with this disease.

FAR is a fully-qualified IRS 501(c) 3 public charity.

What is FAR – and Why?

FAR is concerned about the disease of alcoholism, not the beverage. FAR is the only public charity supporting research to find better solutions for those afflicted. The funding for such research has been small compared to other diseases, yet it is the 3rd most prevalent disease in the US.  Read more…

FAR Public Service Announcement

Have you ever felt totally helpless watching someone close to you fight their addiction to alcohol? You can help…

Join the Foundation for Alcoholism Research and its mission to fund research into effective medical treatments for alcohol dependence, one of America’s most destructive diseases. FAR is an all-volunteer charity and 100% of your donation goes to research. The last grant went to a pilot program to test a promising anti-craving medication. The next grant being considered is for better diagnosis. FAR is the only public charity addressing research for alcohol addiction. Be part of the solution!

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Chilean Researchers Working on Alcoholism Vaccine

Researchers in Chile say that if their venture is successful, a shot a month could help alcoholics kick their habit.

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