The World is Flat!

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The world is flat, the sun revolves around the earth, and tomatoes are poisonous. These were all at one time thought to be absolutely true. I think that people may have been burned at the stake for heresy if they believed otherwise.

It feels like that kind of world when it comes to recovering from alcohol dependence. There are many different methods and all roads lead to the afflicted helping themselves.

Examples include: AA 12 step with higher power; 12 step philosophies similar to AA, some with, some without spirituality; family dynamics; treat the whole individual, not just the addiction; trauma; co-occurring disorders; relapse dynamics; mind, body, and soul experience; psychosocial therapy; interventions; life skills therapy; faith-based programs; the mindfulness approach; and it goes on with various jargon and ways of expressing the same thing – they are all teaching the individual to deal with their addiction and life.

Bottom line, there is something wrong with how they view the world and cope with it and if we can just teach them, they will stop drinking.

Oh please – what about all those who are not dependent on alcohol and how they cope with the world? They eat tubs of ice cream, run marathons, kick the dog, cry a lot, run up credit card debt, – you name it. And each of those people who seemingly cope well have occasional outlets in any of these ways – they just don’t happen often enough to be viewed as a problem.

It has taken 50 years but the world has finally woken up to nicotine addiction. Does anyone look down on someone who is using a nicotine patch? And there are chewing gums and lozenges to help reduce nicotine cravings.

Why then will alcohol rehab centers insist on NOT using medications to help reduce alcohol cravings? There are a few available. And why are we not putting more research funds into finding and improving such basic aids for alcohol dependence.

My friends, the world is not flat.

– Peg

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