We All Suffer From Alcoholism

The afflicted, the children, the spouse, the parents, the siblings, the relatives, friends, neighbors, health professionals, law enforcement, accident victims, justice system, community, workplace, government, …. Let’s all help find solutions. Support FAR!

  • The Foundation for Alcoholism Research (FAR) was formed by several people who are concerned about the limited help for people with the disease of alcoholism.
  • The founders are not professional health care givers and do not attempt to provide the answers to the myriad questions about this disease. The answers to these questions vary widely within the research, medical, and psychiatric communities.
  • When we look at the progress in other areas of medicine such as cancer, heart disease, and AIDS, we realize that they each have non-profit organizations to accelerate advances. These organizations make a difference in several ways. They sponsor research themselves; they raise awareness so that the government sponsors more research; and they make us partners in prevention by educating the public on research findings.
  • We have never been asked for ONE DOLLAR for alcoholism, and yet it affects families in ways that other diseases do not. People LOSE their families, both the addicted and the non-addicted. Children are kept from their mothers and fathers; others are born with fetal alcohol syndrome. The justice system is bogged down with addiction consequences. Stores are robbed; innocent people are injured or killed in car accidents. Workers have to pick up the slack.
  • It seems as if the solution is simple, alcoholics should just stop drinking. If it WERE that simple, it would have happened by now.
    No one chooses to be an alcoholic.
  • We seek better answers for those afflicted, their families and the community